Cable Packages

Services and Policies


Standard Cable (81 Channels) $63.17

Expanded Tier (50 Channels) $23.09


Starz/Encore Tier (15 Channels) $18.00

Home Box Office Tier (11 Channels) $18.00

Cinemax Tier (6 Channels) $18.00

Showtime/ Flix/ TMC (13 Channels) $18.00

Internet speeds up to

NO contract and NO Data limits. We supply the modem you supply the router if you want Wi-Fi.

10Mg Download $49.95

25Mg Download $69.95

50Mg Download $89.95

75Mg Download $109.95

100Mg Download$129.95


VOiP $29.95/month

Triple Play (Internet/Phone/ basic cable)

10Mg $110.00/month

25Mg $125.00/month

50Mg $150.00/month

75Mg $175.00/month

100Mg $200.00/month


All accounts closed with balances or equipment owing are turned over to our Collection Agency.

Pre-wired install and repair/move

Simple $15.70 (You have the equipment and install it in your own home or apartment.)

Detailed Install $24.68

Install Breakdowns

Overhead $52.45 Install included

Underground $83.95

Additional Outlets $52.45

Non-pay Reconnect $23.50



Set Top Box first set top free every additional $1.05

DVR High Def Box $9.95(each)

Extra Modem 1/2 the price the current package each.

Routers are sold not included in any package / not serviced


Linksys N-300 router


Linksys N-600 router (recommended for more than 2 users)



Our Location

Address: 1920 4th Street, Cheney, WA 99004
Mailing Address: PO Box 117, Cheney, WA 99004

Davis Communications Inc. of Cheney BBB Business Review



24 Hour Internet Tech Support: 1-866-413-3909

Customer Service: 509-235-5144 or 509-624-7129