Common Support Solutions

  • Check the Cat 5 cable to insure it is securely in place at the back of the modem and the computer.

  • Check the coaxial cable to insure it is securely in place at the wall plate or splitter and the back of the modem.

  • Reboot (turn off for 30-60 seconds) your modem

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Tech support will be changing in February. Starting March 1st call the office number (509) 624-7129 at all hours and if you have an issue that can be addressed you will be forwarded to a Tech. Otherwise the service will send us an email with your contact information and we will call you back during business hours. They will continue to let us know if there seems to be a wide spread issue that needs to be addressed during non-business hours. Please note we try to give you the best service possible; we can not be open on the weekend. We would have to charge $50/hour for week end service calls. If we get more than 500 customers that would be willing to pay that for week-end help then we will look into the possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to connect to the internet?

If you just received your modem from us you also received three different types of cables. One coax, one Ethernet (CATV) and one power cable for the modem. First connect the modem to power, and then connect the coax to a cable outlet on the wall and to the back of the modem. At this point you can connect the last cable the Ethernet (CATV) to your computer or networking device, for example a router. Then the install of the network device or devices is complete and you should be able to connect to the Internet. If there are any problems with this please call our office or the 24 hour tech support line.


Does Davis Communications Inc, have a data usage limit?

No, we do not limit any type of usage on our Internet service.

When purchasing a router what are the common things to look for?

Any 3rd party router is going to work with our cable modems except router/modem combo devices. We supply the modem already so there is no reason to have one, it won’t work. Ask yourself how high-end you want to go with a router. If you need nothing more than to create a wireless network, you can get away with a fairly cheap router, spending less than $100 should do. If you want extras such as security, parental controls, and the ability to connect USB printers and external storage drives for sharing data, you'll want to look at higher-priced premium routers.


Does Davis Communications Inc, have a contract?

No, we don't make our customers sign any type of yearly contract. The only thing we make our customers sign is an agreement saying that they will return any equipment handed out to them at the start of service.


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