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Davis Communications, Inc. has been providing complete internet and television services in the cities of Cheney, Four Lakes and Medical Lake since 1980.

We provide cable internet and cable TV services.

We don’t have contracts our services are month to month. Call 509-624-7129 for your FREE estimate or FREE consultation. You can also stop by and meet our team.

High-speed internet

High-speed internet allows you to enjoy more of what you want with lightning-fast download speeds. 

You can download HD movies, music, and games.

Cable TV

Back to basics and value with over 60 favorites. If you need a printable channel sheet, look no further. Click here to view or take a printout of your channel list.

You’ll Love Our Prices

Below are the prices that Davis Communications, Inc. offers. For your convenience, we offer a month-to-month service. Call 509-624-7129 for further details.

Ask About Our Month-To-Month Service

Why waste a stamp when you don’t have to? Davis Communications, Inc. offers easy online payment services.

Channel Guide Lineup

Not sure what channel your favorite show is on? No problem! Let Davis Communications, Inc. help you. 


Speeds up to:

  • UP to 25 Mbps = $69.95
  • UP to 50 Mbps = $89.95
  • UP to 100 Mbps download, and up to 20Mbps upload = $94.95
  • Up to 1Gig download and up to 100M upload = Introductory price of $99.95
NO contract and NO Data limits. We supply the modem and you supply the router if you want Wi-Fi. There are just too many different ways to use internet speeds and Wi-Fi to have one router that fits all.
  • Primary Plus (125 channels) = $107.75 per month ($115.29 after taxes)
Premium Channels
  • Starz/Encore (15 channels) = $9
  • HBO (11 channels) = $20
  • Cinemax (6 channels) = $20
  • Showtime / Flix / TMC (13 channels) = $20
  • Simple = $12.95 (You have the equipment and install it in your own home or apartment.)
  • Detailed = $27.03
Drops to the house:
  • Overhead = $60.00 (install included)
  • Underground = $100.00 minimum
(If there are sprinklers in your yard or fancy landscaping, we will charge you what the contractor charges us to bury the cable.)
  • Extra outlets = $60.00
  • Extra TV boxes = $1.00 per month
  • DVR’s = $10.00/month each
Extra modems are half the price of what the first costs and will run at the same speed as the first.
  • Late fees = $15