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5/15/23  We are splitting the node in Four Lakes today…. you will go down during this work but you should have more bandwidth to work with when we are done.  Some modems will need to be reset after they come back up … to random to predict.


Expect to be down for an hour.






In the bill from the City of Cheney:

The Cheney Light Department (CDL) is in the process of gradually replacing its electircity meters.  When an electricity meter is being replaced at a business, residence, or other location, the average length of elctricity disruption lasts approximatrely 30 seconds.  CLD will do its best to work with you during this inconvenience.

Due to the various factors invollved in replacing the vast number of meters in the system, the Light Department is not able to schedule meter changeouts in advance with customers.  Because of this, the Light Department is recommending that customers be prepared for a brief service distuption when the meter feeding ther locatin is replaced.


I will continue here to remind you that there is an electricity meter at all our power suppies.  When that meter goes down you will experience an outage and since these are up in the air on poles instead of down on the ground I would expect the outage to last a few minutes.  This is the best warning and ETA that I can give you and I would expet these random outages all Spring to Late fall.




4/20/23 Please note our bill reads:  This bill is due  on the 25th of each month.  If it is not paid by the 10th of the following month you can be turned off. 

We will be turning off everyone who is behind next month starting on May 10th.  That means if your amount is due on April 25th and you have not paid by May 10th we will turn you off.  Can I get to everyone in one day?  No, but it will start on the 10th and there will not be any grace period. That would have ment 256 people being turned off this month.  We do offer promise to pay but if you set that up and fail to pay then the full amount you owe must be paid to be turned back on.

We try to work with everyone.  You just have to make the first move or you will be turned off.



I will be working on Non Pays next week between 9 am and noon so if you pay online remember to call and let us know so we can get you turned back on.


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Davis Communications, Inc. is a local, family-owned and operated business. We have been offering friendly and knowledgeable service to the entire area since 1980.

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Davis Communications, Inc. is a local, family-owned and operated business. We have been offering friendly and knowledgeable service to the entire area since 1980.

Step 1

Unplug router for 5 minutes. (If your internet drops at the exact same time daily, check your modem. It may have been set to do this automatically daily or every so many hours.)

Step 2

If it has been more than a month since you did a factory reset on your router, then Google the maker on how to do a factory reset. If you are using more than 50 G a day in bandwidth, we suggest doing a factory reset more often. 

Step 3

The faster speeds may be too fast for your router.  Some routers can only handle 100M or less. 

Step 4

If you are buffering when streaming TV: Netflix has put out the suggestion to go into your account and drop down to standard def or a lower HD to save on bandwidth. (It’s unclear if this works on other streaming systems, but this explains why some people can stream Netflix on 10 M.)

Step 5

If you are trying to work from home, watch TV, and someone is gaming, you need to prioritize work and homework and save online games for after work hours (or upgrade your speeds).

Step 6

Speed checks only work directly wired to the modem. Routers will only provide the speed your device needs, even if it is the only one online.

Step 7

Unfortunately, routers do not last forever if you are buying a new one, we recommend a smart router. There are Mesh Routers out there that really help those with larger homes. (I like mine… I bought it at Costco) 

Step 8

Please make sure your connections are snug from wall to modem both the coax and the electric. It is possible they get bumped and they come loose.

Still Having Trouble?

After Hours Help:

Internet after hours help tech: 1-877-381-6522

VOIP/ phone after hours tech: 1-866-883-6997

Moving / Closing Account:

If you are moving and your account is current you can just turn in your equipment and power supply in the drop box out front 24/7 (it is towards the middle of the building in front) and we will turn off and close your account.
If you owe please try to come into the office (9 AM to 5 PM) to pay final amount and drop off equipment. OR call and pay with credit or debit between 9 am and 5pm and have modem dropped off .


We turn off account that are 2 weeks over due. IF the payment was due on the 25th we will start turning off account that still owe on the 10th of the month.

We do not call before turning off the account. We highly recommend paying your bill on time if you are using the internet for school, tests and work.
If you are turned off for non-pay and you pay on line please call and leave a message; we check messages first thing in the morning and we might not get to checking the “who paid” over night list until lunch time. Especially on a Monday mornings. 509-624-7129


If you will be gone a month or more but coming back to the current address instead of closing account we can turn it off so you will not be billed while you are gone for the winter or summer or whenever you will be away from home for an extended period of time.


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