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7/23/21 We are looking into this technology but it is currently not available to us… maybe by the first of the year.

Dear Member,


You may have seen some press announcements recently related to NBCU making Olympic content available to customers of NCTC members through special NBC and NBC Sports Olympic apps. Those announcements did not make it completely clear that the apps are currently only available to members utilizing Tivo set top boxes. NBCU has committed to expanding the availability in the future, but for now it will be limited to that specific technology.

This message was sent to the Main and Programming contacts at your company. Please do not reply to this message, as NCTC is unable to receive messages sent to this address. If you have questions, please contact your NCTC Programming Account Manager.

Thank you,

NCTC Programming Department



Inland Power may not be your utility but they have good things to think about:

In an effort to increase public safety and decrease fire risk, Inland Power’s system remains in fire safety mode. This means that members could experience an increase in the frequency and duration of outages. This status will remain in place throughout the fire season.

By putting our system in fire safety mode, we can reduce the frequency of an object coming into contact with an energized line.

It is imperative that everyone is prepared and has a plan in place should an outage occur. There are multiple ways that you can be prepared should you find yourself in a power outage.

  • If you have a medical device that requires a power connection to operate, be sure you have a backup power source like a battery pack or generator. It can also be beneficial to make arrangements ahead of time to stay somewhere that has power still connected.
  • For those who use a well as their water source, be sure you have a backup plan to keep your well connected to power.
  • Ensure your First Aid kit is stocked with pain relievers, bandages and other medical essentials and make sure your prescriptions are current.
  • Stock your pantry with a three-day supply of non-perishable food, such as canned goods, energy bars, peanut butter, powdered milk, instant coffee, water and other essentials (i.e., diapers and toiletries).
  • Set aside basic household items you will need, including flashlights, batteries, a manual can opener and a portable, battery-operated phone charger.
  • Organize emergency supplies so they are easily accessible in one location.
  • Be sure your car is fueled up in case you need to charge your devices in your vehicle.

In the event of a prolonged power outage, turn off major appliances, TVs, computers and other sensitive electronics. This will help avert damage from a power surge and will also help prevent overloading the circuits during power restoration. That said, do leave one light on so our you will know when power is restored. If you plan to use a small generator, make sure it’s rated to handle the amount of power you will need, and always review the manufacturer’s instructions to operate it safely.

It is also a good idea to leave a frozen cup of water in your freezer. Place a quarter of top of the ice. After power is restored, if the quarter is at the bottom of the cup, it could mean that the freezer thawed enough to spoil the food inside.

Advanced planning can reduce stress and anxiety caused by multiple or prolonged outages. At Inland Power, we recommend that you act today to ensure you are prepared should outages occur.


Please email in if you can with any issues  questions@daviscomm.net 


We are expecting random outages in the City of Cheney and Medical Lake  because you are getting new power poles.  If our equipment is effected it will take from 30 min up to 1 hour if they have issues.  We had a lot of nasty storms since Labor day and any Pole who’s time has come needs to be replaced so it will hopefully stand up to many more high wind storms.  We appreciate all the hard work these utility workers are doing and we accept that our customers maybe inconvenienced for a hour here and there but in the long run we hope this leads to a stronger infrastructure for both communities.

We are also prepping to split 3 last nodes but I don’t know a date for those yet…  (one down 2 to go).



If you are moving  and your account is current you can just turn in your equipment in the drop box out front 24/7 (it is towards the middle of the building in front) and we will turn off and close your account.    If you owe please try to come into the office  to pay final amount and drop off equipment.  OR  call and pay with credit or debit between 9 am and  5pm and have modem dropped off .


If you are turned off for nonpay and you pay on line please call and leave a message I check messages first thing in the morning and I might not get to checking the “who paid” over night list until lunch time.  Especially on a Monday mornings.  509-624-7129


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Davis Communications, Inc. is a local, family-owned and operated business. We have been offering friendly and knowledgeable service to the entire area since 1980.

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Davis Communications, Inc. is a local, family-owned and operated business. We have been offering friendly and knowledgeable service to the entire area since 1980.

Step 1

Unplug router for 5 minutes. (If your internet drops at the exact same time daily, check your modem. It may have been set to do this automatically daily or every so many hours.)

Step 2

If it has been more than a month since you did a factory reset on your router, then Google the maker on how to do a factory reset. If you are using more than 50 G a day in bandwidth, we suggest doing a factory reset more often. 

Step 3

The faster speeds may be too fast for your router.  Some routers can only handle 100M or less. 

Step 4

If you are buffering when streaming TV: Netflix has put out the suggestion to go into your account and drop down to standard def or a lower HD to save on bandwidth. (It’s unclear if this works on other streaming systems, but this explains why some people can stream Netflix on 10 M.)

Step 5

If you are trying to work from home, watch TV, and someone is gaming, you need to prioritize work and homework and save online games for after work hours (or upgrade your speeds).

Step 6

Speed checks only work directly wired to the modem. Routers will only provide the speed your device needs, even if it is the only one online.

Step 7

Unfortunately, routers do not last forever if you are buying a new one, we recommend a smart router. There are Mesh Routers out there that really help those with larger homes. (I like mine… I bought it at Costco) 

Step 8

Please make sure your connections are snug from wall to modem both the coax and the electric. It is possible they get bumped and they come loose.

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